Springtime Tallahassee

View from the capitol Building.

This painting done by Jessie Mary Beckman was investigated to determine the location of the image. It bears a plaque stating JESSIE MARY BECKMAN 1856-1929, SPRINGTIME TALLAHASSEE FLORIDA. The painting is also signed lower left J.M. Beckman. 

Jessie Mary Beckman was an artist primarily from Hardin county Ohio, who later in life moved to southern California.  She studied in New York under William Merrit Chase and Robert Henri and then in France at the 
Academie Colarossi in Paris. Her life is covered in more detail in a page done by the Hardin County Historical Museums.  She lived in Kenton Ohio until 1921 after which she moved to California. 

With some help from personnel at the Florida Archives Image, number RC02421,  is a photograph taken from the dome of the Florida capitol building between 1913 and 1915. The building lower right is the building in the painting. It was at the time a barber shop. If you look closely you can see the barber pole in the photograph, but in a slightly different location.  This building would have been on the northeast corner of South Monroe and Pensacola streets. This intersection was paved around 1916 placing the painting before that date. A birds eye view of Tallahassee published in 1885 has a building with a similar balcony depicted. The trees in the painting also seen in the photograph are similar in age leading to the conclusion that the painting was done circa 1905-1915. All the buildings on the east side of south Monroe street between Jefferson and Pensacola seem to have been demolished and replaced with a four story brick buildings sometime before 1924.  The site is now home to the World War II memorial in front of the Leon County Courthouse.