Corpus Rubenianum Saints II #129 Mary Magdalene only.

The Catalog Raisonne, Corpus Rubenianum Ludwig Burchard Part VIII Saints part 2, #129 page 117-118, lists 4 partial versions with only Mary Magdalene. The addendum on RKD Images lists 4 more partial copies. My search has found in total 14 partial versions. The catalog raisonne describes an original in Vienna with Mary Magdalene and Martha and all others to be copies based on an anonymous etching after Lucas Vorsterman in the correct direction. Martha is missing from all the following partial copies and many are only from the waist up.

Complete versions are found here.

Partial copies listed in the Corpus Rubenianum.

1. Schwerin, Staatliches Museum, cat. 1882, No. 900, canvas, 101.5 x 73.5 cm. The museum calls it after Rubens. Similar to upper right quadrant of the complete version. Jewelry is on the table left instead of in the box at her feet.

Magdalene with jewels on the table.

2. Formerly coll. Schaub-Koch, Luxembourg, canvas, 100 x 77 cm. Jewelry on the table left. (4/28/1758 London Lugt 1004 ? Described as Madeleine by Rubens.) Sale Henri Finck 25 Oct. 1927 Brussels.

Mary Magdalene Luxembourg version.

3. Turin, Galleria Sabauda, cat. 1899, No. 270, canvas, 67 x 54 cm.

                                              No Photograph

4. Formerly property of C. Bowyer and located at Wrexham in 1876. Also D. Redar , Antwerpen and Sale, London, Christie’s, 20 May 1949, lot 139.

Mary Magdalene Wrexham version

Partial copies listed on RKD Images as addendum to Corpus Rubenianum

5. Musée des Beaux-Arts de Nîmes 107 x 81. Floral bouquet and jewelry on the table to the left. The Bouquet has some resemblance to those done in Bruegels studio.  A follow up might prove interesting.

Mary Magdalene version in the Museum of Nimes

6. London private collection. Seems to be the head only. Support and dimensions unknown

Portrait of Mary Magdalene by Rubens

7. Private collection Luxemburg 1941 – 90 x 83

Mary Magdalene Studio of Rubens

8. Private collection Nice, France. Size unknown (probably a copy by another artist).

Mary Magdalene after Rubens

9. Painting sold Sept 19, 2002 Lot 21. Christie’s on RKD (no pic) listed as after the Vienna painting. 62,9 x 48,3 cm.

                                                      No photograph

10. Christie’s (London (England)) 1997-04-17 Lot 49 on Copper 46,4 x 36,8 cm. Magdalene in front of cave w/red dress (after Rubens) RKD image Note: Image is reversed as in Vorsterman engraving.

Painting sold Christies in 1997 Mary Magdalene

Other Partial Copies not listed on RKD but found some reference to it in the Rubenianum folders.

11. Hampel auction 28 September 2017, 85 x 69 cm. Magdalene above the knees. Est. 15K-25K no sale. Age of the work is not specified. Probably a later copy by another artist.

Undated version of Rubens Magdalene

12. Collection of the Princes of Salm – 94 x 68.5 cm. on canvas. It is listed in a catalog “Bildersammlung der Fursten zu Salm” by Adriaan W. Vliegenthart published by Walberg Pers in 1981 (Inventory number 226). This is an Inventory of the Princes of Salm whose collection is displayed at Anholt castle in Westphalia. In the catalog it is described as a copy of a painting painted by Rubens in Vienna and Kassel about 1620. However, the copyist has the left-hand figure of St. Martha replaced by an angel pointing to a skull and changed some other details. The jewelry box has contents similar to the Vorsterman engraving but it looks like the mirror has been replaced with other objects. The composition is similar to versions in the Museum of Nimes and the Schwerin, Staatliches Museum. There are 3 inventory numbers on the back, indicating its presence in the collection in 1846, 1887 and 1914. The catalog image is of poor quality.

13. Magdalene with the ornate dress and drawers in her jewelry box. The dress has an ornate patterning on the bottom edge. The back of the photograph mentions PPR 1621. I assume it is monogrammed. Possibly related to the complete version of the Magdalene and Martha with the ornate dress.

Magdalene with an Ornate Dress after Rubens

No information on either RKD Website or the Rubenianum folders.

14. Slovak National Gallery has Magdalene without sister, photograph is very dark, It has a jewel box and items very similar to the Vorsterman etching. 162 x 120 cm, The museum claims it is an original Rubens.

Slovak Version of Rubens Mary Magdalene

15. Head of Mary Magdalene by artist Jan Broeckhorst (1604 – 1668). Oil on Canvas, 55 x 46 cm. Sale on 24/06/2015, Palais Dorotheum Vienna.  Estimated value EUR 5.000, – to 7.000, – USD 5,700 to 8,000.

Per the Dorotheum auction listing (translated from German):

The present painting is accompanied by a report by J. P. De Bruyn (June 2014). This painting goes back to a prototype of Rubens, of which several versions are known. Boeckhorst may have seen the Rubens painting in his workshop, where he was active at a young age. De Bruyn compares the present painting with a “Mater Dolorosa” Boeckhorst’s (gouache) in the Musée d’Art et d’Archeology in Besancon.

Mary Magdalene by Jan Boeckhorst 1604 - 1668

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