Gallery of Unknown Works

These paintings are a mystery. Although generally successful at identifying works in our possession, there are always a few that remain mysterious. Please email if you have any clues that might help. 

This painting signed lower right Leonard, is 18th or 19th century. The painting has been lined with a second canvas and the edges sealed with a paper tape, making it impossible to view the original canvas. The bottom of the painting seems to be more in a style of the 17th century.  Benezit dictionary of artists does list some Leonard’s painting in the north of France in the 19th century but no examples of their works have yet been located. A painting with a very dramatic sky and as yet, no attributed artist.

A 19th century painting of a street urchin gathering a basket of wood shavings. Strangely, I was looking at a collection of paintings of street kids done by a certain artist and they all had these perfectly round faces. A couple of weeks later I was at an antique show and there was this painting by the same artist. However 15 years later I still have not re found the  artist, although they must be British or American 19th century. The frame is a sort of Victorian wood. I have researched all the big name urchin artists like John George Brown and Mulready to no avail. 
Any ideas?

This painting signed E. Giraud or E. Girauet is circa 1920 although when looking at the back of the painting it appears older, more like 19th century. Possibly this painting is done on an older canvas. In researching possible artists there is Eugene Pierre Francois Giraud (1806-1881) who painted in France and did bull fight scenes among other things but the style of the scenes is not really a match for his work as this is in a more Art Deco style of the first half of the 20th century.  The positioning of the elements in the painting gives it an almost Surrealist feeling. Clearly the bull has the upper hand as one horse is already gored and dead, under the second horse. The picador at a strange incomprehensible angle and straight as a board, while the crowd is falling asleep.  Possibly an added signature and nothing to do with the painting?